PRUX is a fast scrypt Prof of Block (POW, AUX-POW) Cryptocurrency

In the beginning, PRUX had the fastest chain with a 3 second block and was therefore the fastest coin of its kind, faster than fastcoin (which is unfortunately no longer there). Unfortunately, the stock exchanges that were used at the beginning were always lazy and the fast blocks time was also a problem with the stock exchanges. That’s why PRUX has made several hard forks, the last hard fork raised the block time to a reasonable level from 9 seconds to a new block every 27 seconds, so block extraction for the last 20k PRUX is slowed down and the chain is adapted for exchanges and aux merged mining .

PRUX can used as crypto-storage-value, send/spend PRUX to anybody anywhere the world and very fast. Send coins very fast p2p, in a normal time of 30-60 seconds.

Hash Algorithm = Scrypt
Typ = Proof-of-Work –> From Block 15685901 AUX-POW Merged Mining!
Block Time = 9sec 27sec
Mined Block Confirmation = 274
Reward-Half Block-Half-Interval = all 5959595
Blocks Premine = ZERO
TX-Confirmations = 1
Calculated Total Coins = 20.01.2041 (aprox year 2200) we reach Total 114’375 PRUX mined.
LongTime Mining = with new blocktimes of 27s  we can create blockreward until aprox year 2200.
YIIMP Setting:
Hasgetinfo = True
Hash Submitblock = False
TxMessage = True
auxpow= True
Typ = POW –> From Block 15685901 AUX-POW Merged Mining!

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PRUX is an cryptocurrency. Investing in Crypto ( PRUX ) currencies is dangerous because the market is unpredict able and changing rapidly, even the technology is still new, they should only invest with money they do not care if they lose it. A cryptocurrency carries several danger s, the coin can be hacked, the stock market can be hacked, your Computer can be hacked, so in the worst case you have to expect a total loss. Invest only if you can live with it. We disclaim any liability for financial damages or otherwise in connection with PRUX! We reject any responsibility in the worst case. PRUX is an great crypto Coin, with a great potential.